Pennsylvania Game Commission Workshops

In our last post, we briefly touched upon the seminars sponsored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. With this post, we want to go a little more in depth, as there are many workshops coming up.


On July 21 and 22, the workshop is called “WILD about Mammals.” This particular workshop is aimed at students and teachers. It will focus on the wild mammals that call Pennsylvania home.


On July 31, there is “WILD about Bears” and this workshop will explore the black bear, its natural history, management practices and more.


On August 12, you can check out “Pennsylvania Biodiversity.” The following day is “Biodiversity: on the Susquehanna River.” The day after that is “WILD about Reading: Reading to Learn the Content, Wildlife and Habitats.”


Lastly, on August 19, is “WILD about Waterfowl.” This workshop aims to help educators learn about waterfowl, their habits and more.