Pennsylvania Hunting Season is in Full Swing

Labor Day has come and gone and hunting season is in full swing across the state. Both Canada Goose and Dove hunting hours run from noon to sunset until September 25. After that date, you can still hunt dove until November 15, but the hours change from a half hour to before sunrise to sunset. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy a nice long day of dove hunting throughout fall and into winter.


If you are interested in hunting Canada Geese, you may be surprised to learn that this species has a fairly large population in the state during the end of the year. This began dozens of years ago, and all started because Canada Geese were over-hunted in other parts of North America. The PA Game Commission didn’t want their population to dwindle, so they made efforts to spread the birds throughout the state. Along with other state game commissions across the country, PA officials released these birds into the region.


They expected the birds to migrate, but most of them ended up staying in Pennsylvania. What that means is you are unlikely to hunt any geese that are just passing through. They are descendants of geese that have been living in the state for a long time.


While these details may or may not mean anything to you, it is always interesting to learn the history of the game you are hunting throughout the state. We wish you the best of luck during this hunting season and we hope you enjoy your hours tracking doves and geese. For more news and stories related to this hunting season, keeping checking back with the team at Tioga Boar Hunting!