Pennsylvania’s 2015 Rifle Hunting Season for Deer

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, it seems that hunters are still thankful for the great outdoors. They will always be thankful; it is in our nature to appreciate the world around us. This thankfulness will be on full display in Pennsylvania through Saturday, Dec. 12. We of course are talking about Pennsylvania’s 2015 rifle hunting season for deer, which opened on Nov. 30. For many hunters, this season is one not to be missed and estimated reports are that HUGE numbers are expected for it.

According to Penn Live, “About 750,000 deer hunters are expected to pursue the white-tailed deer during the rifle season.” That is a whole lot of hunters eager to smell the air and get to business. While the enthusiasm is still fresh and the first hunters are trickling into the field, opening day festivities were a little less than stellar. For one hunter, the hunting was “Too (expletive) quiet. There just ain’t enough deer any more. That’s why it’s so quiet today. I only heard a couple shots all morning. Years ago it would have sounded like a war first thing on the first day.”

Is the quietness really a bad thing though? That it is not a reflection of the hunting climate, but rather a maturity on the part of the hunters; they do not want to be carried away by enthusiasm so soon in the season. Sometimes you have to play it smart so there is no trouble. Pennsylvania’s 2015 rifle hunting season for deer might have started quietly, but it is sure to pick up.