Queensland Pig Hunting Championship


The Queensland Pig Hunting Championship received a bit of flack recently about whether the practices and the entire championship was simply cruel considering over 300 pigs were killed during the event. The organizer of the Championship specifically stated in response to the outcries that all the entrants, regardless of what tools they used, resorted to receiving permission from the land owners of where they hunting took place, and were urged to use safe, humane and responsible hunting.


He also ended up mentioning the growing problem of wild pigs in America, and that hunting is one of the best ways to be able to handle the problem. Pigs are still reproducing at a ratio of 1.7. That means for every one pig there is this year, there will be 1.7 of them next year, which is almost double the amount each year. This is on top of the numbers that are already killed off each year from hunters.


The damage from the pigs alone has been causing problems for a number of states. Unfortunately, animal activists and animal liberationists have been adamantly opposed to the idea of the animals being hunted and the championship received more than its fair share of opposition from a number of activists during the hunting. Even so, pig hunting so far has actually been one of the most humane ways of handling the pig population explosion, rather than starving them, gassing them, or poisoning them.


Other non-killing methods just haven’t been able to be used adequately to handle the pig population problem, and there is no place to put the pigs as a means of just sending them somewhere else. As much as they are invasive to America, they don’t really belong in many places and would quickly outgrow anywhere else they are put. This makes hunting one of the easiest and most humane ways of handling them. But still people complain.