Reasons to Try Bowhunting

Do you have a gun? If you’re like most hunters, you hunt with a gun. But what about bowhunting? Are you up for the challenge? 

What are some reasons to try bowhunting? 

More Lean Meat

If you want to add some lean meat to your freezer, and you don’t want to get it from the grocery store, then you can take a bow and go hunt some deer for their meat. Deer meat is protein-rich, nutritious, and freezes well. A typical deer will provide you with about 50 pounds of lean meat!

A Real Challenge

Bowhunting is a good challenge. Are you looking for something to do that’s adventurous? Bowhunting will get you out in nature and give you an adrenaline rush. Plus, if you go bowhunting with a group, you can enjoy some good camaraderie. Bring along friends or family and share stories, laughs and, of course, the thrill of the hunt. 

Also a Relaxing Endeavor

Maybe you just want to get away from the routine of everyday life in the suburbs. And perhaps you want to be alone in the woods. Well, you could go walking in the woods alone, but if you want to give your time of solitude some purpose, bowhunting gives you a goal– something to do. You can enjoy the peacefulness of being outdoors in the fresh air while also getting some exercise, and, hopefully, shooting and killing an animal for its meat. This beats sitting in a chair all day looking at a screen!

If you’ve been getting a bit bored with gun hunting, maybe it’s time to switch over to bowhunting… and if you’ve never hunted before, but have been wondering what the whole feel of a hunt is like, bowhunting is a great way to start hunting and see how you like it. 

Did you know Tioga Boar Ranch offers guided hunts for boar, deer and other animals? Tioga Ranch is a large hunting preserve in rural Pennsylvania– not too far a drive from most of the East Coast! Call 570-835-5341 for more information.