Rifle Hunting Tips for Elk

Going on an elk hunt is an exciting experience– after all, deer are a dime a dozen, but elk are few and far between. If you shoot and kill an elk, you’ve got a story to tell friends and family for years!

What are some tips for hunting elk, specifically related to the rifle you’ll end up using?

Proper Research

You should do some research before elk hunting and read up on what’s recommended as “the best rifle to take on the hunt,” as well as what kind of ammunition to use. A quick “Google search” will point you in the right direction for that information. You can also check YouTube videos and ask other hunters for their advice.

Practicing Your Shot

In order to know how your gun operates in various conditions, why not practice at different times of the day at a local rifle range? Do this in different weather conditions, too. Practicing with a rifle at a range will help build your shooting confidence. The more you do it, the more you’ll get used to aiming and pulling the trigger… it’s better to have shot a gun often and then go hunt elk than to arrive on the scene in front of an elk having never even practiced your shot. When practicing, try shooting your rifle at various distances from the target.

Quality Optics

With elk hunting, quality optics are so helpful. Since elk hunting is a “spot-and-stalk” type of hunting, it’ll help if you can use optics to see elk from far away. The clearer your optics are, the better, of course. Have you heard of Custom Dial System (CDS) technology? If it’s available in the scope you use, utilize it. CDS automatically calibrates the distance and aiming point, taking the guesswork out of the shot.

At Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania, elk hunting season lasts from late August through the middle of March each year. Ideally, between the middle of September and the middle of November is “prime time.” At Tioga, you can go on guided hunts, which is a fun way to experience elk hunting with an expert who’ll help you get your shot(s) and witness your big moment(s). Call 570-835-5341 to arrange your guided elk hunt today!