Save the Environment by Hunting Boars

When we hear about invasive species, we often only hear about the insects like the bark beetle that destroys entire trees around the Canadian wilderness by eating the tree’s defenses from the environment and other animals. What we often don’t hear about all the kinds of invasive species that have been around for entire generations and we don’t even notice that they are invasive, or that we can actually eat them to stop them from causing problems.


Creatures like lionfish, and spiny-tailed lizards and most importantly are wild boars. All of these types of animals can be hunted and cooked and by doing so, it eliminates an invasive species that is causing problems in a world that the species was never meant to be. So if you want to help save the environment, all it takes is hunting and eating some wild boars, and other invasive species.


Boars in particular root up and dig around in the ground to try to find roots and other food they can eat. This means they dig up trees and golf greens and entire gardens, and people often find them right out front of their homes eating on crops. They also bring threats to people. Think if crocodiles or elephants were coming up to the front or back of people’s houses and smashing up the garden, how long would that have lasted before the people fought back against the government for dealing with it somehow? It wouldn’t be long.


Well it’s no different with these wild boars, and the better we are prepared the better we can handle them, especially when the government and entire states aren’t bothering to do anything about them. They leave them to cause trouble as an invasive species, and no one wants that! Nor do we want them to start killing people who aren’t armed or prepared to handle animals that can easily kill you with their tusks.