Should I Go Deer or Elk Hunting?

What’s easier to hunt– deer or elk? Most hunters and guides agree deer are easier to hunt… Oftentimes elk hunting is a step up from deer hunting in the sense that a hunter graduates to hunting elk after they’ve mastered their deer hunting skills. 

Elk Hunting Versus Deer Hunting

Elk are usually found in challenging terrain, so it’s important for hunters to be in good physical condition if they’re going to walk through such terrain. 

Elk tend to be grazers, compared to deer who browse for food. Therefore, you’re more likely to find elk in meadows or open woodlands. Deer, on the other hand, tend to browse for food in forests or along edge habitats. 

Elk like to cover many miles– up to 500, compared to deer which tend to “stay local.” Meanwhile, elk often travel together in herds– you might see hundreds all together at once! 

Deer hunters often wait in a tree for a deer to come by… whereas elk hunters have to walk and find their prey. 

Looking for elk? Look for their tracks, which are larger and more rounded than pointed tracks left by deer. Elk poop pellets are about twice the size of deer pellets. 

When hunting elk, keep in mind that they rely more on their nose than ears. Keep the wind in your face. You might want to wear scent-masking gear. 

Finally, one major difference between hunting deer versus elk is the amount of meat you get from a kill. Deer might provide 30 to 60 pounds of boneless meat while elk can give you up to 300 pounds! 

Are you a hunter who is up to the challenge of hunting elk? You can take a guided hunt at Tioga Ranch in PA! Check out this page for details or call 570-835-5341 for more information. Deer hunts are also available, including sika deer, fallow deer and whitetail deer.