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Red Stag Deer Characteristics

Hunter Posing With Red Stag Deer

People come from near and far to Tioga Ranch in rural PA in order to hunt all sorts of animals, including red stag deer. They like that Tioga’s red stag hunts include lodging and meals as well as skinning and quartering. Guided hunts are available. Groups/parties of 6 or more hunters can get a discounted… Read more »

What Time of Day Should I Go Deer Hunting?

Hunter next to whitetail deer

What’s the best time of day to hunt deer? If you talk to different people, you’ll get different answers. With that in mind, though, think like a deer. Do deer ever change their habits or patterns? Yes, they do! If they hear car doors slamming or people talking loudly, then they run away because they… Read more »

How Should Hunters Prepare Venison?

Aged venison cut with butcher knife and salted with rub on a wooden cutting board

Many hunters like to take home their catch and cook it. This is especially true for deer hunters who then use the venison meat to feed their friends and family. What are some cooking tips for venison so that its flavor and texture are “the best?” Proper Cooking Methodologies   First, avoid overcooking the meat…. Read more »

Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Shed antlers for a buck or deer on vintage wood

One of the things hunters like to display on their walls is… antlers. A deer’s antlers are essentially a “trophy” that shows the hunter was able to find and get a deer on their hunt. The Purpose of Antlers Why do deer even have antlers? Well, it’s a male thing. Male deer use antlers to… Read more »

What NOT to Do When Deer Hunting

Hunter posing with whitetail deer he shot

So you’re gearing up for a deer hunting trip at Tioga Ranch? Nice! What are some things not to do when hunting deer? Show Up Rusty Before you actually get out on the land in search of deer to hunt and kill, you should make sure you practice using your bow or rifle often. That… Read more »

Late Winter and Early Spring is Ideal For Scouting Deer

Hunter posing with red stag deer

As a hunter, when’s the best time to scout deer? While some people may argue about this answer, it’s generally accepted that late winter/early spring is the ideal time for this activity. Why is this? Visual Clues Well, in the months of March and April, in particular, you get a lot of visual clues about… Read more »

Elk and Deer Hunting: Are They the Same?

Hunter posing with trophy elk in snowy field

Are elk hunting and deer hunting the same? No! If you’ve been hunting deer most of your life, you’re trained in three things: caution, patience and silence. Now when it comes to hunting elk, they like to hear noise. You’re smart to make noise so break some sticks or smash some trees! Deer like to… Read more »

Deer Hunting Is Increasing in Popularity

Hunter posing with red stag deer

Deer hunting is increasing in popularity according to the National Deer Association (NDA), the leading conservation organization dedicated to conserving North America’s favorite game animal. The reports are in for the 2020 hunting season, and deer hunters harvested some 6.3 million whitetails nationwide! This number was the most since 2011. Also, when it comes to… Read more »

Have You Seen More Deer Around Lately?

Hunter With Red Stag Deer

You’re driving along a road or highway and you see deer on the side– there are some who are alive, looking at you, and a couple who’ve been hit by a car. Why is it that people see more deer in November than other months? The Rut is Underway It’s that time of year. The… Read more »

Here’s How to Cook Delicious Venison

cooked venison ragout in a pan

At Tioga Ranch, you have the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer. When you get their meat home, it’s time to cook up some “venison,” which is the word for deer meat. When cooking venison, don’t treat it like beef from the supermarket! Otherwise, you’re apt to wind up with it tasting tough and chewy. Tips… Read more »