Steady Wins the Race in an All Day Hunt

Some hunters hunt for a couple hours, while others do all day hunts. If you’re going to do an all day hunt, how should you prepare for that?

Ready for the Grind

Well, for starters, get your head in the game. Hunting may look easy but it can be a grind, honestly. It’s kind of like playing a sport when you were younger. Yes, it’s fun, but it also involves planning, thinking, decision-making, doing and more. Mentally, it helps to be prepared for a day of hunting. You should also expect the unexpected, since you never know what could happen “out there.” 


So, first things first: if you’re a caffeine drinker– and you probably are– then start the day with your coffee or energy drink and bring more along for later in the day to avoid “crashing.” Yeah, maybe this isn’t the healthiest approach, but if you’re going to hunt, you do need to stay alert, so maybe coffee and/or Red Bulls can come in handy. 


Next, bring snacks so you don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about food but have nothing with you to eat! If you’re worried that the scent of your snacks isn’t good for the hunt, put the stuff in a sealed plastic bag to hide the scent(s). You’re going to want some protein, fat and carbs during an all day hunt, so pack some granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, etc. 

Dressed for the Temperature

Thirdly, wear layered clothing. Typically, it’ll be colder in the morning and you’ll want to be wearing more clothing than less in order to keep warm. Then, as the sun shines and the day warms up, you’ll want to remove an outer layer or two. And, in case it rains, have some rain gear with you. One great tip: cotton clothing isn’t the best for hunters– it doesn’t dry quickly. 

Also, make yourself comfortable if you’re going to do an all day hunt. You want to have a comfortable tree stand if possible. You want worn-in, comfortable boots. 

Minimize Distractions

Finally, stay off your phone. Tempting though it may be, you need to take a break from looking down at your phone and instead look up at your surroundings. You’re there to hunt, not to check Facebook. You don’t want to miss an animal because you’re scrolling through inane comments online.

Plan your hunt at Pennsylvania’s Tioga Ranch; Call 570-835-5341 for info.