The Process of Finding a Hunting Rifle

Are you looking for a hunting rifle? Do some research before you buy one. You can read online articles and reviews, of course, but you can also visit gun shops and hold different models in your hands to get a proper feel for what’s available. See what feels good to you!

Word of Mouth

When looking for a hunting rifle, it’s a good idea to ask friends and family who hunt what they use and why– see what they like about their rifles (and what they don’t like). Gun owners (and sellers) will give you their informed opinions.


Keep in mind that the right hunting rifle cartridge matters. If you plan on hunting big game, you will need a certain kind of rifle that’s different from a rifle that’s designed to hunt small game and varmints. Basically, you want to make sure your cartridge is powerful enough to take down the game you intend to kill with one shot.

Shot Type

Speaking of shots, some rifles are designed to fire single shots while others can do repeat shots. What’s your preference? Newer hunters tend to go with rifles offering repeat shots in order to decrease pressure– they don’t have to make an accurate shot the first time. Repeat shot rifles can be pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action or automatics. Single-shot rifles can be rolling-block, break-open, trapdoor or falling-block action…


What’s your budget? You should try to avoid the really cheap rifles. A carbon steel rifle may rust, whereas stainless steel, which is a little more expensive, shouldn’t rust. If you choose a rifle that includes a wood stock, make sure you get one from a good species– for instance, walnut, which is a little more expensive, is durable so it’s worth the extra money. Don’t make the mistake of spending all your money on a good rifle with no money leftover for a good rifle scope.

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