The Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease

If you plan to hunt in other states besides Pennsylvania this season, you should be aware of the ways you can help to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease. As always, when you travel to another region to do your hunting, there are certain regulations you have to keep in mind. Before returning to Pennsylvania, you should evaluate what you are bringing back with you and leave behind what is not allowed. For example, PA regulations prohibit importing certain carcass parts from moose, elk, and deer.


The regulations only apply to hunters to visit specific states or provinces throughout Canada. In total, there are 21 states and 2 provinces that these regulations affect. If you hunt in any of these states, you must leave behind specific carcass parts including the head, backbone, and spleen. For a full list of prohibited states and carcass parts, visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission website for more details.


Chronic wasting disease never used to be a problem in Pennsylvania, but it first made an appearance three years ago. There are new cases discovered all of the time, so hunters need to do their part to ensure the spread of the disease slows in the coming years.


These regulations are just some of the rules that hunters need to follow every season whether they are hunting in or outside of the state. It can be easy to forget these regulations when you are concerned with planning your trip and packing the best gear, but it is essential for the health of local wildlife and the preservation of future hunting seasons.


For more details about slowing chronic waste disease, and other regulations that hunter’s need to keep in mind, keep checking back with us!