The Tastiness of Gamey Meat

The food you buy at a grocery store is typically quite processed. A lot is added to it or adjusted such that it’s far from what it was when it first started out. Case in point? The meats you find for sale at your local grocery store are often quite different from game meat that a hunter kills in the wild and takes home to eat. Is eating game meat “the best?” Hunters would say, “Yes.” And many other people would tend to agree.

So why is eating game meat good for you? Mainly, it’s healthy. How about delving deeper into this topic? What are some specifics?

Lean Meat

For starters, game meat tends to be leaner than farmed meat so you’re not eating too much “bad” fat. Meanwhile, game meat doesn’t have antibiotics, hormones or pharmaceuticals in it. Furthermore, game meat is a strong source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a dietary fat that is known for its anti-cancer properties. CLA is also known to help with weight loss and building muscle. Wild game meat can supply your body with CLA naturally!

Less Chance of Foodborne Illness

Have you heard of “foodborne illness?” This is when factory farmed animals live together in crowded environments where they can easily catch and spread diseases that you, the eater, might end up dealing with, too! If you choose to eat game meat, you have a lower risk of foodborne illness(es).

Good Fatty Acids

Going back to the idea of health, if you’re trying to get more Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat) in your diet, you don’t have to eat just salmon! You can also get Omega-3s from wild game meat.

The Meat You Catch is Independent of Inflation!

Finally, in a time when food prices are rising astronomically, game meat is more affordable. After all, hunters are going out and getting their meat rather than having to rely on several others to provide it for them– and that lessens the overall cost(s) involved, for sure.

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