Things to Bring With You to a Hunting Lodge

Packing for a Hunting TripAre you planning a hunting trip? Outside of mapping the area where you’re going to hunt and taking some practice shots before you go, you should also spend time checking and double checking what you’re going to pack to bring with you to the hunting lodge. The last thing you want to do is forget something at home and not have it when you need it most. Here are some things that should definitely make the trip with you.

Comfortable waterproof boots

We’re putting this one at the very top of the list, and there’s a simple reason for it. Without comfortable waterproof boots, you may as well not even bother hunting. A good pair of boots will keep your feet warm and dry and keep your cozy when you’re out in the woods, no matter how cold it might be.


Even if you’re going to hunt somewhere you’ve been before, it never hurts to take a compass along. In the event you get lost, it will help guide the way.


Speaking of getting lost, you’re going to need something that can alert others to your whereabouts in the event that you get separated from your pack. A whistle is the perfect device to do it. It’s small and won’t take up much space, and you can blow it if you’re really desperate to let people know where you’re at.

First-aid kit

Accidents are going to happen when you’re hunting, and chances are, you won’t be anywhere close to a hospital when they do. Make sure you have a first-aid kit stockpiled with everything you could potentially need to take care of an injury or illness until you can get medical care.


You’ll be able to use binoculars when you’re trying to spot your prey. You’ll also be able to use them to take in all the beautiful scenery at the lodge. You won’t want to leave these behind at home.

Once you’ve packed your bags, Tioga Boar Hunting would love to host you for a fully guided hunting tour. Call us at 570-835-5341 today to reserve a hunt on our gorgeous ranch that features a wide variety of hunting options.