What Can You Do With Deer Antlers?

Close-up of a red deer stag during rutting season in autumn

Tioga Ranch in rural Pennsylvania has hundreds of acres of hunting land where hunters come from near and far to hunt various deer and big game. When hunters do shoot and kill deer, they want something to show for it, right? Usually, that means they get the antlers to show off to their friends and family. But what can you really do with deer antlers? Just display them in your house as-is, above the fireplace/mantle? That’s typical, but what are some other more creative ideas of what to do with deer antlers?

Ideas for Deer Antlers

If you or someone you know is crafty and creative, consider taking deer antlers and turning them into things you can use in daily life, such as door handles, toilet paper holders, light fixtures, candle holders, napkin holders, etc. Some people utilize deer antler parts for things like key chains, rings or jewelry.

What are some very practical uses for deer antlers? They can work as handles for fixed blade knives, cutlery or utensils. They can also be used as fasteners for jackets and bags. Some people use them to frame photographs, too. What about as a coat hanger? Or table legs? How about as a curtain holder? There are definitely many uses for antlers.

Got a pet dog? 4-inch pieces of antler(s) make for a good dog treat.

Feeling artistic? Maybe gather different antlers together and create some sort of one-of-a-kind art piece that you could hang on the wall or from the ceiling. Or use the tips of the antlers to paint your own masterpiece and then tell everyone you didn’t use paintbrushes, but antler tips instead!

Looking to hunt bucks and get some antlers? Call Tioga Ranch at 570-835-5341 to ask about upcoming hunts and learn more details about hunting deer in Tioga, PA.