When Is a Good Time to Take Your Child Hunting?

How do most people get interested in hunting? It’s usually because a friend or family member takes them along on a hunting trip and shows them how it goes. This whets their appetite for more, and sooner or later they become hunters if they’re interested in pursuing it for sport and/or as a hobby.

A Bonding Opportunity

Many people take youngsters along with them on hunts. Oftentimes it’s a father-child bonding opportunity. The dad wants to show his child the joy of hunting, so he arranges for a quick trip into the woods or out in a field to expose his son to “the hunt.” Of course, this works for uncles and kids, aunts and kids, grandparents and kids, etc. Sometimes it’s even a good friend of the family who takes a kid hunting with them. No matter who it is, one thing is in common: an adult who has gone hunting before takes a child with them to show them what it’s like and see whether or not the child shows a serious interest in it.

How might you tell if a kid is interested in hunting? If they ask to come along with you, that’s great! If they ask about hunting-related things, like guns and ammo, or they go on make-believe hunts on their own, then they’re probably interested in actually hunting with you. Furthermore, if you kill something and bring it home and it doesn’t disgust them– it fascinates them– then there’s a good chance they’d hunt with you.

A good way to test out how a kid handles hunting is to get them hunting smaller animals at first, with, for instance, a BB-gun. Maybe have them try shooting squirrels or rabbits with your supervision. Keep hunts short, comfortable and fun. Encourage them even though they make mistakes. Teach them about firearm safety. Buy them some hunting gear of their own.

When’s a good time to take your kid hunting? If and when they show some interest, do it!

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