Why Hunting is a Wonderful Gift to Pass Down to Each Generation

Father and Daughter Hunting

Someone or something got you interested in hunting. Maybe it was your dad or grandparent. Maybe it was a family friend. Or you saw a show on TV or read a book about it from the local library. However you came to hunting, now that you’ve hunted you know all the good things it adds to your life, right? Well, hunting is a great tradition to pass down to future generations. That means it makes sense to share your love of hunting with younger people, including kids and teenagers looking for something to do besides playing video games or being on their phones.

Hunting With Your Family is Special

Hunting is special because there’s the thrill of the chase. That alone– that excitement of finding, chasing and shooting an animal– is one of the main reasons people love to hunt. Will you find the animal you’re looking for? Will your shot go in them, or miss? Will you come home with a trophy head for your wall and a tale to tell? Hunting is the kind of activity that can be rewarding and enriching for all those who like to challenge themselves and see what they’re capable of– in nature.

Today, fewer kids play outside. That’s bad! How about getting kids to join you on a hunt so they get into nature and explore the great outdoors? There’s something special about being around trees, birds, ponds and all that nature entails. Youngsters can see ecosystems at work in front of  their eyes. Nature is a feast for the senses. 

Hunting not only gets people out into nature, but also helps bond people together, gives them respect for wildlife and conservation efforts and helps develop life skills. Hunting teaches patience and perseverance. Hunters have to make smart decisions while under pressure. These skills transfer well to life in general. 

Finally, there’s a sense of confidence when a person can be self-sufficient and survive in the wilderness– hunting develops those skills, especially in youngsters eager to learn. 

Looking for a place to hunt with kids or teens? Tioga Ranch is a great place to bring youngsters and show them why hunting matters. Pass down the tradition; Please call 570-835-5341 to talk about guided hunts.