A Few Examples of Why You Should Hunt Wild Boar

Hunting Wild Boar

Oftentimes, when you say you’re going on a hunting trip, other people often assume you’re going to hunt for deer, turkey or other commonly seen animals. As such, non-hunters may be a bit surprised when you say “I am going to hunt for wild boar.” If they ask “why,’’ here’s what you can tell them.

  • Wild boar meat is delicious. Whether you like sausage, special cuts or meat for delectable barbecue sandwiches, wild boar is not only tasty, it’s also healthier for you than most other meats, as it is lean, low in cholesterol and full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Wild boar is a real challenge. You can bring home hogs over 400+ lbs! Talk about a unique hunting experienced. Boar are unpredictable, and unpredictability and trying to hit a moving target always makes things more fun and interesting.
  • It’s good for the area you’re in to hunt for wild boar. Thanks to their size and restless motors, boar can wreak havoc on private properties, and they tend to reproduce like crazy, so their numbers can become an issue quickly. As such, local communities rely on hunters to take care of the surplus and limit the damage they cause.
  • You can hunt boar pretty much all the time. Some people like to hunt under a warm summer heat or during springtime. Others like to hunt to when it’s cooler in the fall or when we’re approaching winter. Regardless of your preference, the beauty of hunting boar is you can schedule a trip throughout the calendar year!

Those are just some of the many reasons why you should hunt wild boar. What do you enjoy about it?