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Here’s Why Staying at a Lodge is Perfect For Novice Boar Hunters

Man Posing With Trophy Boar

There are three ways to go to college these days. There’s living on campus, commuting, or doing most of it “online,” from a computer. Now think about hunting… you could play hunting video games, but it’s not the same as the real thing, right? And you could go somewhere for a couple hours and hunt,… Read more »

A Few Examples of Why You Should Hunt Wild Boar

Hunting Wild Boar

Oftentimes, when you say you’re going on a hunting trip, other people often assume you’re going to hunt for deer, turkey or other commonly seen animals. As such, non-hunters may be a bit surprised when you say “I am going to hunt for wild boar.” If they ask “why,’’ here’s what you can tell them…. Read more »

The Advantages of Hunting Boar in the Summer

Boar Hunting

Certainly, when most people think about hunting, an image of chilly weather and fall foliage comes to mind. However, did you know you can enjoy boar hunting in Pennsylvania year-round, including under the beautiful sunshine in the warm summer months? Summer is a Great Opportunity for Boar Hunters Should you choose to book a  boar… Read more »

Why Wild Boar is Better to Eat Than Commercially Raised Pigs

Wild Boar Meat

If you love eating pork, it’s simple enough to run down to the grocery store and buy it. There are commercially raised pigs being raised all across the country that supply the many supermarkets throughout the U.S. with pork. However, one thing that you might not realize is that it’s much better to eat meat… Read more »

The Benefits of Staying at a Lodge When Hunting For Boar

Boar Hunting

If you haven’t yet gone boar hunting, you should put it at or near the top of your hunting bucket list. Hunting for boar is an experience unlike any other and will help you broaden your horizons as a hunter. Consider staying at a lodge when you hunt for boar, too. Take a look at… Read more »

Advice For Hunting Boar

Advice on Boar Hunting

If you’ve never had the opportunity to hunt for boar before, you might be under the impression that boar hunting won’t be much of a challenge. But that simply isn’t true. Boar are a whole lot more intelligent than they might look. They’re also great at picking up scents and will make every effort to… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Boar

FAQ About Boar

Are you thinking about giving boar hunting a try? Before you do,take some time to educate yourself about boars; they’re very interesting (and robust) creatures. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to boars and their behavior. Check out the answers to some of the most common questions regarding boars below. How… Read more »

Shot Strategies for Hog Hunting

Shot Strategies for Hog Hunting

Hunting hogs isn’t like hunting deer and many other animals. You need to make sure you’re armed with the right equipment when you do it and take your best shot when you get the opportunity. Before you start hunting hogs, there are some things you need to know about how to do it successfully. Check… Read more »

If You Hunt Wild Boar, Can You Eat the Meat?

Wild Boar Meat

Hunting wild boars can be incredibly challenging. Even though it might seem like it would be easier to hunt boars than many other animals, boars have an incredible sense of smell that can make it tough to track them down. They’re also known to become aggressive at times, which adds an element of risk to… Read more »

Here’s How You Stalk and Hunt Hogs

Hog Hunting

Hunting hogs is a thrilling, unique experience that is unlike pursing any other prey. Although they don’t look like they would be particularly fast or intelligent, it’s actually quite challenging to hunt hogs, even if you have a great deal of experience doing it. It can even be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re… Read more »