What Some People Don’t Understand About Boar Hunting

How much do you really know about boar in the USA? There are some falsehoods out there that you might have heard. Don’t believe everything you hear. Overrun Populations For starters, there have been rumors circulating that some areas are “overrun” with wild boar. Some 40 states and even several Canadian provinces have reports that… Read more »

Know These Things Before Boar Hunting

If you’re going to hunt boar, there are some things you should know before you actually hunt them. What are some interesting facts about boar that you may or may not know? Sweat Glands For starters, boar, aka hogs, don’t have sweat glands. Now you might wonder why this matters, but it does. Hogs will… Read more »

The Many Advantages of Hunting Boar

If you check the dictionary to find a definition of “boar,” you’ll read that they are a tusked Eurasian wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended. Fun to Hunt For hunters, boar are wild pigs that are fun to hunt. They’re kind of like monsters, because they’re not well-behaved. They’re a nuisance, actually, and… Read more »

Wild Pigs Are Causing Destruction Out in Some Parts

A “boar” is defined as a tusked Eurasian wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended or an uncastrated domestic male pig. At Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania, we offer guided boar hunts 7 days a week, year-round. You can even hunt for trophy Russian boar which weigh between 151 and 250 pounds. We even have… Read more »

What Boars Are Known For

What is a Boar Known For? If you read the headline “Pop superstar Shakira attacked by wild boars,” you’d probably assume that was a fake headline. But it was/is true! She and her eight-year-old son were walking in a park in Barcelona, Spain, recently, when two boars attacked her, taking her bag and then retreating… Read more »

Tips for Hunting Boar in the Summer

Are you thinking of hunting boar in the summer at Tioga Ranch? What are some tips for hunting boar in the summer? Water Source Keep in mind that boar like to hole up in thick cover on hot days. That said, they’re going to be thirsty, so your best bet is to look for them… Read more »

The Facts About Boar Hunting

Do you want to go boar/hog hunting? Tioga Ranch in Tioga, PA, is known for great boar hunts. What are some fictitious things going around about boar hunting? You Can Hunt Boar Year Round! Some people say you can only hunt boar during certain times of the year and certain times of the day or… Read more »

Here’s Why Staying at a Lodge is Perfect For Novice Boar Hunters

There are three ways to go to college these days. There’s living on campus, commuting, or doing most of it “online,” from a computer. Now think about hunting… you could play hunting video games, but it’s not the same as the real thing, right? And you could go somewhere for a couple hours and hunt,… Read more »

A Few Examples of Why You Should Hunt Wild Boar

Oftentimes, when you say you’re going on a hunting trip, other people often assume you’re going to hunt for deer, turkey or other commonly seen animals. As such, non-hunters may be a bit surprised when you say “I am going to hunt for wild boar.” If they ask “why,’’ here’s what you can tell them…. Read more »

The Advantages of Hunting Boar in the Summer

Certainly, when most people think about hunting, an image of chilly weather and fall foliage comes to mind. However, did you know you can enjoy boar hunting in Pennsylvania year-round, including under the beautiful sunshine in the warm summer months? Summer is a Great Opportunity for Boar Hunters Should you choose to book a  boar… Read more »