A Look at the History of Black Hawaiian Rams

If you want to engage in a truly unique hunting experience, then you absolutely must sign up for a black Hawaiian ram hunt. What is a black Hawaiian ram, you ask? They are marvelous creatures that are a treat to hunt and a delight to have in any trophy case. Let’s find out more about these novel animals.


There is an air of mystery when it comes to how black Hawaiian rams came along and no one can really pinpoint their origins, however, there are theories. Some believe that the black ram is simply a Barbados ram that has a dilution of the red color gene, while others believe that they are a cross between a black hair sheep and a mouflon, according to All About Exotics.

Whatever their origins, they are not difficult to pick out of a crowd. Common attributes of a black Hawaiian ram include a thick black coat which leaves them almost entirely dark and some unusual horns that grow in the distinctive up-down-up shape common among sheep species. These horns are almost exclusive to males and can grow to more than 40 inches in length. Weight wise, males can usually weigh up to 150 pounds with females usually maxing out at half that weight.

Breeding Habits

Like many strong-willed animals, the breeding dominance of black Hawaiian rams is decided by physical combat. This fighting involves a series of head butts until a winner is determined. Peak mating time occurs during the months of August and September with lambing season usually starting off in February.

A History of Resilience

Black Hawaiian rams have lasted the test of time because of their physical features and their resiliency. Because of their thick coats and agility, they are able to survive in extreme climates, including rocky hillsides or chilly Pennsylvania winters. They also have a natural resistance to worms, and their slick hair coat works to ward off external parasites.

Great to Hunt

With all of these attributes and a truly breathtaking appearance, black Hawaiian rams are a blast to hunt and are a real treasure to add to your trophy case. That is why we are so thrilled about our black Hawaiian ram hunts here at Tioga Boar Hunting.

You can have a slice of the adventure when you engage in one of these fantastic hunts with us. You will have a guide at your disposal and a chance to land one of these gorgeous animals. Get your chance to hunt a truly unique species by giving us a call today at 570-835-5341.