Sika Deer: A History of this Unique Animal in the U.S.

Have you ever noticed a mature deer that hasn’t lost its spots? You may have spotted a unique sika deer. Sika deer – also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer – are plentiful here in the woods at Tioga Ranch. However, before you go, it’s useful to know how this deer from… Read more »

History of the Texas Dall

Throughout the 1900s, there were a number of different breeds of sheep that were bred across the country that resulted in new hybrid breeds that all now fall under the category of Corsican sheep. Interesting Texas Dall Features The Texas Dall was one of these breeds, and it represents a hybrid cross between Mouflon ewes… Read more »

Corsican Rams: A Hidden Hunting Trophy Gem

Did you know that Corsican rams are a hybrid sheep? They originated in the great state of Texas around the same time as the Texas Dall sheep. Hunting Corsican Rams Requires Patience and Stamina Corsican rams are one of the most hunted exotic animals in the country. Want a challenge? Do you have patience and… Read more »

Keep This Advice in Mind When Hunting Rocky Mountain Rams

If you don’t live in a place like New Mexico, Wyoming, or Colorado, you might not think that you’ll ever get the opportunity to hunt for Rocky Mountain Rams. However, the truth is you can hunt for them in certain parts of Pennsylvania if you want. Before you do though, there are some things you… Read more »

An Overview of Hunting Red Stags

Red deer stags are male, between 70 and 100 inches long, and weigh between 350 and 530 pounds. They get their name from their coat, which tends to be reddish-brown in the summer. Some males will grow a neck mane during the autumn– kind of like “No Shave November” for us human guys, right? Stags… Read more »

Interesting Facts About Fallow Deer

When hunters come to the Tioga Ranch near the border of Southern New York and Northern Pennsylvania, they’re in for a treat: some of the best hunting areas in the Eastern United States are right here in rural PA! When hunters come to the Tioga Ranch near the border of Southern New York and Northern… Read more »

Why Rock Mountain Rams Are a Popular Game Animal

Rocky Mountain rams, also called bighorn sheep, are a popular game animal. The challenging hunt, along with the reward of a beautiful trophy mount, helps explain why hunters enjoy pursuing this animal. Here is an overview of Rocky Mountain rams. Bighorn sheep are found throughout the Rocky Mountains, from Canada to the desert Southwest. This… Read more »

Corsican Rams: A Beautiful Animal to Hunt

Corsican ram hunts are one of our popular packages at Tioga Ranch. Some hunters may not be familiar with these game animals, so this is an overview of Corsican rams. Corsicans were originally introduced in Texas where they were the result of cross-breeding between Mouflon Sheep and a number of other breeds. An Overview of… Read more »

From Europe to America: A History of Spanish Goats

At Tioga Boar Hunting, we have a wide range of different unique and exotic animals available for your hunting pleasure. One of the most exciting animals we have is the Spanish goat. Spanish goats are one of the more uncommon hunting animals, but how much do you know about where they came from? Let’s take… Read more »

A Look at the History of Black Hawaiian Rams

If you want to engage in a truly unique hunting experience, then you absolutely must sign up for a black Hawaiian ram hunt. What is a black Hawaiian ram, you ask? They are marvelous creatures that are a treat to hunt and a delight to have in any trophy case. Let’s find out more about… Read more »