Advice For Hunting Boar

If you’ve never had the opportunity to hunt for boar before, you might be under the impression that boar hunting won’t be much of a challenge. But that simply isn’t true. Boar are a whole lot more intelligent than they might look. They’re also great at picking up scents and will make every effort to set up shop in places where you’re not. This can make hunting boar a huge challenge. Take a look at a few tips that will make it slightly easier below.

Know what to look for when you’re looking for signs of boar.

Boar love to spend a ton of time in dense thickets that provide them with plenty of cover. And since they sit so low to the ground, this can make them tough to spot. You’ll have to check around for other signs of them if you can’t see them with your own two eyes. Oftentimes, boar will leave rounded hoof prints behind that will let you know they’re somewhere in the area. They’ll also hang out down near shallow parts of creeks where they can roll around in mud to cool themselves off.

Make sure the wind isn’t working against you.

As we mentioned earlier, boar have an incredible sense of smell. They can sometimes pick up on scents located five miles away or up to 25 feet underground. You’ll need to use scent control when you’re hunting boar. You’ll also need to monitor the winds to make sure they’re not blowing your scent in the direction of boar.

Take your best shot—and put it in the right spot.

When you get a great shot at a boar, it’s important for you to take it. It’s also important for you to aim at the right spot and place your shot properly. If you’re hunting boar with a rifle, try to take aim at their front shoulders or right behind their ears. This will allow you to hit their vital organs and help you avoid having to chase a wounded boar down to finish it off.

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