Bison Hunting is Timeless Tradition

Man posing next to bison he hunted

At Tioga Ranch, you can hunt bison all year long. These massive beasts– some weighing up to 2,000 pounds– are on the grounds and ready to be shot– if you can find them, and if you have good aim. Of course at Tioga, hunts are guided, so you have some help! Meanwhile, if you are interested in having the bison you get mounted then the best time to come hunt at Tioga is between November and April. 

Bison Hunting is an Age Old Tradition

Back in the 1800s, there were probably somewhere around 15 million bison across the Great Plains of our country. At the time, there weren’t regulations on shooting them, so they almost disappeared! That said, guidelines and regulations were put in place, and now there are about half a million bison in North America– not a ton, but a respectable number none-the-less. Conservation efforts have paid off.

If you were to hunt bison, where should you shoot them? Well, first of all, avoid long shots. Get as close as you can. Aim for the animal’s lungs or heart rather than its head or neck. Bison have thick skulls! Don’t rush your shot. Wait until the bison is standing still, rather than shooting at a running one. 

As for what to shoot with, you could try using a bow and arrow or crossbow, but you’d probably have better luck with a rifle. To shoot a bison, it’s recommended that you use a rifle with a 200 grain or larger bullet– use at least a .30-06 caliber rifle with a 220-grain bullet, for example. 

Are you curious about hunting bison at Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania? Do you have some questions you need answered? Are you up for the challenge? If so, please call Tioga Ranch at 570-835-5341. You can discuss guided bison hunts as well as lodging, meals and mounting services.