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Buffalo Hunts Are a Trip to Yesteryear

Buffalo Hunting in Tioga, PA

Open any history book, and there’s likely a picture of buffalo roaming opening fields as humans carefully hunt them and use each and every part of the animal for food, warmth, tools and other needs. Hunting buffalo provides a unique, nostalgic feeling that you may not get from hunting other game. After all, it’s hard… Read more »

The Differences Between Bison and Buffalo

Buffalo vs Bison

Some people mistakenly believe that bison and buffalo are the same thing. And it’s hard to blame them for thinking that. According to experts, even the earliest Europeans settlers who came to the U.S. way back in the 1600s used the words bison and buffalo interchangeably. In reality though, bison and buffalo are not the… Read more »

Tips to Prepare for a Buffalo Hunt

Hunters With Trophy Buffalo

There aren’t many hunters who get the opportunity to hunt buffalo at any point in their lives. If you’re ever lucky enough to do it, it’s important for you to make the proper preparations ahead of time. It’ll help enhance your buffalo hunt and make it a hunt you won’t ever forget. Read through several… Read more »

An Overview of Hunting Trophy Bison

Hunting Trophy Bison

Once upon a time, there were more than 15 million buffalo living all across the U.S. That number eventually dwindled all the way down to right around 1,000.Today however, there are about 500,000 buffalo scattered across the country with many of them situated on private property. That makes it possible for those who have always… Read more »

Why Hunting for Buffalo Should Be a Priority

Hunting for Buffalo

If you were to go to Buffalo, New York, and want to hunt buffalo you’d be out of luck. In Buffalo, the only living buffalo you’ll find reside at The Buffalo Zoo! That said, did you know that at one time, back in the 1500s, some 30 million buffalo (aka bison) lived in North America?… Read more »

Bison Meat is an Excellent Alternative to Beef

Hunting Bison

While eating beef seems to be the norm in America, did you know eating bison meat is a good and decent alternative? Most people have never tried bison meat, but they don’t know what they’re missing! It’s easily prepared, tastes great, has excellent nutritional value, and bison is sustainable– something earth-friendly, environmentally-conscious people appreciate. The… Read more »