Deer Hunting Resolutions to Consider for 2021

With a new year comes new year’s resolutions, right? So what are some deer hunting resolutions to make for 2021? 

Take a Youngster Deer Hunting

Have you ever taken someone younger on a hunt? This is a good year to introduce hunting to a youngster in your life. Why not train up a child to become a hunter? You can be their mentor, offering them tips and encouragement along the way.

At least, you can expose them to deer hunting and all its highs and lows. At best, you can help create the next generation of tried-and-true deer hunters who’ll join you years from now, when they’re older, as your hunting companion. Sometimes all it takes is a simple ask to son or daughter, niece or nephew or child of a close family friend: “Hey kid, wanna go hunting with me?” Chances are good that he or she will say yes and will learn a great new lifelong skill!

Utilize Your Scouting Reports

In 2021, why not make a resolution to scout more? The more research you can do, the better, right? You can check maps, aerial photos, and talk with fellow hunters and people interested in where deer are, and where they’re headed. Perhaps start a deer journal to record your findings. It might be fun to look back over your writings in the years to come and see what you were thinking about in 2021. 

Treat Yourself to a Guided Hunting Trip!

Have you always hunted in the same exact spot, year after year? While familiarity can be good, why not step outside of your comfort zone in 2021? Resolve to find a new place to hunt! Tioga Ranch in PA is a great place to hunt deer, including whitetail, fallow and red stag deer. Call 570-835-5341 for info. 

And Remember to Share That Delicious Venison!

Finally, if you do get the deer you aimed for, and you have fresh meat, share some of that venison with friends, family and neighbors. A lot of people have never even heard of venison, let alone tried it! Do they know what they’re missing? Make it a point to introduce them to the great taste of venison– maybe even cook some up for them and have them over for dinner.