Have You Seen More Deer Around Lately?

Hunter With Red Stag Deer

You’re driving along a road or highway and you see deer on the side– there are some who are alive, looking at you, and a couple who’ve been hit by a car. Why is it that people see more deer in November than other months?

The Rut is Underway

It’s that time of year. The breeding season, known as “the rut,” is underway in Pennsylvania. That means you’re probably going to see more deer moving around lately, in fields and along roadways in PA. Deer are very active in once the temperatures drop.

This is the time of the year when mature bucks, who are normally nocturnal, might be moving during daylight hours. There are a lot of deer focused on creating more deer this month and next! Researchers have found most female deer are bred by mid-November, and fawns that are still maturing get bred later in the month.

Thinking about hunting during “the rut?” Try and find a buck’s home. Deer tend to stay within a quarter-square-mile home area, or, in some cases, within a three-quarters of a mile area. Look for trees that show signs that deer have rubbed their antlers on them. You can also look for ground scapes below limbs, made by deer. Deer rub their facial glands on small branches above scrapes. This helps them mark an area.

During the breeding season, deer are more active than normal. Usually, for instance, you’d spot them early or late in the day when they’re feeding, but this time of year? They’re active most anytime as they have a mission to… pass on their genes.

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