Know These Things Before Boar Hunting

Hunter posing with wild boar he shot

If you’re going to hunt boar, there are some things you should know before you actually hunt them. What are some interesting facts about boar that you may or may not know?

Sweat Glands

For starters, boar, aka hogs, don’t have sweat glands. Now you might wonder why this matters, but it does. Hogs will try to keep cool when it’s hot outside, so knowing this can help you find them! On particularly hot days, look for hogs near water or under thick brush/cover.


Next, hogs don’t have great eyesight but they do have great noses– their sense of smell is pretty amazing. Did you know hogs can smell odors from as far away as 7 miles? They can also detect odors up to 25 feet deep in the ground. As for their eyesight, they can spot figures up to 100 yards away– not too shabby, right?


Thirdly, hogs can run up to 30 miles per hour and they are known to jump several feet in the air when they want to– such as trying to get over a fence or escaping out of a trap. They can be large and aggressive, so get out of their way if they come charging toward you.


When you’re trying to find hogs, look for uprooted soil. Hogs use their snouts to find food. They’ll easily uproot soil in their search for food.

Finally, more and more hogs are becoming nocturnal, so you might be able to hunt them at dusk or night.

Boar Hunting in PA

If and when you want to hunt hogs (aka boar), Tioga Ranch is the place to do so– these are smart, adaptable animals so it’s a good.  hunting challenge. For more info about wild boar hunts in rural PA, call Tioga Ranch at 570-835-5341.