Know Your Cuts: Breaking Down Different Deer Meat Cuts

As a hunter, you know venison is a very delicious meat you can enjoy once you bag your deer. However, do you know which part of the deer you would cut for steak or for a roast? If you don’t, here’s some basic information on different deer meat cuts and what you can do with them.

Whether you’re a hunter or not, everyone can appreciate a good steak. To get the best meat from a deer for steaks, cut along the mid-thigh area of the hind legs. That will offer up a great cut of meat for a delicious, mouthwatering venison steak. The lower part of the front and back legs can also be made into delicious shank cuts.

What about the rest of the thigh? Well while the hooves can only be used as wall decorations, the upper part of the hind legs – the hip area – can be cut for a nice venison roast. This meat is perfect for it and you will know why once it’s cooked.

If you’re a rib guy, you don’t need us to tell you where to make the cut for those. Simply cut the ribs out and prepare them as you would any other ribs. The top of the back of the deer also provides some fantastic loins that are one of the favorite parts of many avid hunters.

Now we’ve covered the hind legs, but what can the front legs be used for? Well, the upper area of those – the shoulder meat – provides the best meat for a stew. For even more advice, check out this recent article and video from Wide Open Spaces.

Once you bag your deer or other animal as part of your hunt at Tioga Boar Hunting, we can help you get the best meats from your kill. Our butchering services can process and package these cuts and make them ready for you to take on your last day.

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