How Should Hunters Prepare Venison?

Many hunters like to take home their catch and cook it. This is especially true for deer hunters who then use the venison meat to feed their friends and family. What are some cooking tips for venison so that its flavor and texture are “the best?” Proper Cooking Methodologies   First, avoid overcooking the meat…. Read more »

Why Harvesting Your Own Meat is Superior to Buying It In Stores

One of the biggest benefits of hunting is that it’ll allow you to bring home plenty of fresh meat. In some cases, you might be able to get enough meat to last you a long winter during a single hunting trip. Harvesting your own meat by hunting is better for you than buying meat at… Read more »

Dry Aging: Why It Will Improve the Taste of Your Game Meats

If you’re going to spend a large amount of time hunting, shouldn’t you devote just as much time after the hunt is done to preparing your game meats properly so that they taste as good as they can possibly be? At Tioga Boar Hunting, we highly recommend dry-aging as an option, and suggest that you… Read more »

Preserving Buffalo: How Did Earlier Cultures Keep Meat Fresh

In this day and age, we are very fortunate to have refrigerators to keep our meat fresh without it spoiling. However, earlier cultures did not have technology at their disposal. Many game animals, especially buffalo or bison, which were popularly hunted across the continent, are known to provide a vast bounty of meat, with some… Read more »

Four Tasty Recipes for the Holidays

Of the many holiday traditions, there is one that pretty much everyone will be partaking in this season: eating! But, how many families will be able to say that they caught the meal themselves? If you are the hunter of the family and plan to provide dinner “the old-fashioned way,” here are a few wild… Read more »

Know Your Cuts: Breaking Down Different Deer Meat Cuts

As a hunter, you know venison is a very delicious meat you can enjoy once you bag your deer. However, do you know which part of the deer you would cut for steak or for a roast? If you don’t, here’s some basic information on different deer meat cuts and what you can do with… Read more »

Storing Your Kill: Tips for Freezing Game Meats

The hunt is over and now it’s time to enjoy your kill. Since game animals are too big to eat all at once, the remainder of the animal must be frozen so it can be enjoyed at a later time. Here are some tips for freezing game meat. Keep Everything Clean This is a major… Read more »