Big vote coming up on wild boar regulation

At first, the state wanted to take away our wild boars, now thanks to state senator Joe Scarnati, our feral pigs at the hunting preserve have a chance to stay.


A bill was recently passes in the Pennsylvania State Senate by a 32-18 count that would establish captive feral swine, like that on Tioga Boar Ranch, would not be considered wild animals so they wouldn’t be under the protection of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


Now, the vote moves to the house, where it’s expected to vote sometime in June.


The Game Commission’s wants to remove protection from these wild animals because of an explosion of population that have migrated into PA. The Game Commission is trying to place blame on small hunting preserves like Tioga Boar Ranch, but in reality, 6 million swine have established populations in 38 states, according to a post from the New York Times.


It’s unfair to place all the blame on ranches like Tioga Boar Ranch. These pigs could’ve come from the South, where farmers and ranchers run into them on a common basis. People have been hunting here for years, enjoying the splendors of a challenging swine hunt. People hunt because of the unique challenges these boars give, and the meat.


We run clean operation with a fence boars can’t escape from.


We look forward for hunters stopping by for years to come.


To support Senate bill 644 and House Bill 723, contact your local representative.