Tips From Deer Experts to Make You a Better Hunter

Do you hunt deer? Do you want to become a better deer hunter? If you could spend some time with a deer expert, what might he or she tell you about these animals that could help you find and shoot them? Well, you’re in luck. You’re about to read some expert advice about becoming a… Read more »

Take Care of Your Hunting Meat and You Will Enjoy Tasty Meals Indefinitely

After you hunt you might have meat that you need to store. What are some tips for storing hunting meat? Blood Draining When you get a whole skinned carcass home, hang it upside down to allow remaining blood to drain. Drape a clean cotton sheet over the carcass. This sheet keeps the meat clean but… Read more »

Tips for Finding the Right Bow for Hunting

Are you a hunter who is thinking about using a bow for your next hunt? What are some tips for finding the right bow? Lay Out a Budget If you’re thinking of buying a bow, set a budget before you go to a shop to look at bows. Sure, a sales clerk might want to… Read more »

State Calls on PA Hunters to Prevent Spread of Bird Flu

We’re lucky enough in Pennsylvania to have not had to deal with rampant spread of the high path avian influenza, otherwise known as bird flu. However, just because the disease hasn’t spread so far, doesn’t mean it couldn’t in the future. In order to prevent any potential outbreaks before they occur, the state’s Department of… Read more »

Boar hunting meal

If boar hunting wasn’t so challenging and fun, the best part would be eating your prize. After all, boars are wild pigs and pigs are pork, and who doesn’t love pork? My mouth is starting to water already. Slow cooking pork makes for the best meals. Think of ribs, or a full pig roast. The… Read more »

Big vote coming up on wild boar regulation

At first, the state wanted to take away our wild boars, now thanks to state senator Joe Scarnati, our feral pigs at the hunting preserve have a chance to stay.   A bill was recently passes in the Pennsylvania State Senate by a 32-18 count that would establish captive feral swine, like that on Tioga… Read more »

Welcome to Tioga Ranch’s Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to Tioga Ranch’s new website and blog! Here we will discuss our hunting trips, the animals available to harvest on our ranch, tips for going on our hunts and much, much more. We’re here to not only inform you of ways to have the best hunt, but keep you abreast of… Read more »