Reasons to Go Boar Hunting

Boar hunting is becoming an increasingly popular activity throughout parts of the U.S. There are several reasons for this growing popularity. Here are a few reasons to go boar hunting.

  • Conservation

Feral hogs, the once-domesticated equivalent of wild boars, are becoming a significant problem throughout much of the south and southeast U.S. These animals are exploding in population, and can be incredibly destructive to land as they root around in search of food. The problem is so severe that even landowners who do not normally allow hunting are opening up their land to hunters who will help to reduce the feral hog population. States where feral hogs are a problem are also relaxing rules on hunting seasons in an effort to reduce the population.

  • Meat

Boars and feral hogs both provide plenty of meat. At Tioga Ranch, we offer three different types of boar hunts, depending on the size of the animal. Our management meat hog hunt covers animals up to 150 pounds so, even at this tier, you can be assured of plenty of pork to fill the freezer. We can even skin and butcher your hog for you, and process the meat into spare ribs, roasts, chops, steaks, and other choice cuts. Boar hunting provides a great opportunity for hunters who are interested in plenty of meat.

  • Excitement

Boar hunting may just be the most exciting and challenging hunting you ever experience. Tioga County, where our ranch is located, offers varied terrain that is sure to provide a challenge for any hunter. You also have your choice of hunting for boar with bow, pistol, shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader.

Perhaps the best part though is that you do not need to wait for a special hunting season. At Tioga Ranch, we hunt boar all year long, seven days a week.

Boar hunting is the answer if you are looking for an exciting and challenging hunt that will put plenty of meat in your freezer. Contact us today at 570-835-5341 to learn more or to reserve your boar hunt.