Shot Strategies for Hog Hunting

Hunting hogs isn’t like hunting deer and many other animals. You need to make sure you’re armed with the right equipment when you do it and take your best shot when you get the opportunity. Before you start hunting hogs, there are some things you need to know about how to do it successfully. Check out some shot strategies to keep in mind below.

Use the right firearm and ammo when hunting hogs.

Unless you hit a hog in the perfect spot (more on that later!), you’re probably not going to be able to bring it down with a single shot. For that reason, most hog hunters use multi-shot rifles and revolvers when they’re going after hogs. They also tend to rely on high-velocity ammunition like hollow-point bullets that will bring hogs down without a problem.

Aim for the right part of the hog.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hunting for hogs is that they treat them like white-tailed deer. They take aim at the wrong part of hogs and pay the price for it. A hog’s vital organs are located a lot lower than a deer’s vital organs are. So you typically want to aim low when shooting at a hog. Ideally, you should attempt to hit a hog low and behind the ear where the heart and other vital organs are located. That should result in a quick kill in most cases.

Let off a safety shot before approaching a hog.

Hogs have been known to play dead in the past after getting hit by a hunter. A hog could potentially get up and attack you as you approach it if you didn’t get a clean shot on it. It’s why it’s always a good idea to shoot a hog again from about 20 yards away before getting too close to it. It’ll prevent you from putting yourself into a bad spot.

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