The Advantages of Hunting Boar in the Summer

Certainly, when most people think about hunting, an image of chilly weather and fall foliage comes to mind. However, did you know you can enjoy boar hunting in Pennsylvania year-round, including under the beautiful sunshine in the warm summer months?

Summer is a Great Opportunity for Boar Hunters

Should you choose to book a  boar hunting trip in the summer, you will put yourself in position for tremendous success. Just like humans, boars sweat in the summer heat; but unlike humans, they don’t have sweat glands to reduce their body temperatures and stay cool. That fact provides hunters with a strong hint of where they can find boar during the warm summer months—they’re often either laying low in the shade or are in water or mud to help stay cool.   As such, it’s prudent to scope out areas where water and shade sources are located.

Boars Have a Great Sense of Smell

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that boars have a tremendous sense of smell, but aren’t as adept in seeing and hearing potential predators. As such, be cognizant of the scents you’re giving off. It’s vital to determine their daily patterns, catch them at the right time, but make sure you’re not emanating an odor that might tip them off and escape.

Undoubtedly, summer is optimal time for to plan a boar hunting trip. If you’re looking to go boar hunting in Pennsylvania, look no further than Tioga Boar Hunting. Contact us to make your reservations today!