The Facts About Boar Hunting

Do you want to go boar/hog hunting? Tioga Ranch in Tioga, PA, is known for great boar hunts. What are some fictitious things going around about boar hunting?

You Can Hunt Boar Year Round!

Some people say you can only hunt boar during certain times of the year and certain times of the day or night. Well, at Tioga Ranch, you can hunt them 7 days a week, year-round. Tioga Ranch offers guided boar hunts, so you have help finding and getting them. Furthermore, there are several types of boar/hog hunts at Tioga, including the management hog hunt for meat rather than mounting, and the trophy Russian boar hunt, which results in meat and shoulder/skull mounts.

Boar Come in Different Colors

Some people think boars only come in one color, such as black. Well, the reality is they can be black, dark red, gray or even spotted boar.

You Can Use Many Weapons to Hunt Boar

Do you have to use a particular weapon to hunt hogs? Nope. At Tioga Ranch, for instance, you can use a rifle, muzzle-loader, shotgun, pistol, or a bow. A lot of hunters say hunting a boar with a bow is one of the most exciting hunts they’ve ever experienced! There’s a myth, by the way, that you’d need an extra powerful gun to get a boar because they’re big and strong. The reality? A deer rifle will do just fine. 

You Should Aim For a Boar’s Shoulder

Is hog hunting basically the same as deer hunting? No, because the two animals have different anatomy. If you aim for a boar’s shoulder the way you’d aim for a whitetail, expect a paunch hit. Most of a hog’s vital area rests between the shoulders! Try and get an angled shot, a step or two beyond broadside. You can try aiming at the opposite shoulder so your broadhead exits either through the far shoulder or just in front of it. Hold low, keeping in mind that a boar’s heart is located low in the animal’s chest, in line with the bend of the elbow. 

Hogs See Movement

Have you heard the falsehood that hogs can’t see well? Actually, they can see movement well. Just because their heads are low to the ground doesn’t mean they’re blind. They can see movement from over 200 yards away!

Give Boar a Second After a Successful Hit

Finally, know this: after you shoot and wound a hog, give it some time before you follow it into the bush. You don’t want them charging at you or attacking you from behind. You can climb a tree if you’re ever being chased.