The Many Advantages of Hunting Boar

Hunter Posing With Boar

If you check the dictionary to find a definition of “boar,” you’ll read that they are a tusked Eurasian wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended.

Fun to Hunt

For hunters, boar are wild pigs that are fun to hunt. They’re kind of like monsters, because they’re not well-behaved. They’re a nuisance, actually, and need to be dealt with. Wild pigs aren’t like the cute farm pigs little kids love. They’re not mild-mannered, mellow or docile. No, wild pigs are feral– not domesticated! They like to destroy things. They’ve got bad tempers. They’re ready to fight! Yikes.

Wild Boar Cause a Ruckus

Wild pigs damage all sorts of things, from roads to crops. With tusks, they’ll cut other animals or whatever they come in contact with– so they really are destroyers. Add to that they reproduce way too well– their population is out of control in many places. That’s all the more reason for hunters to shoot and kill as many as possible. For instance, it’s estimated that there are more than two and half million wild pigs in Texas– that’s just too many, right?

Good to Hunt

Did you know wild pigs (boar) were brought over to the U.S. from European settlers several hundred years ago? They weren’t native to North America. And when they arrived, they tried to take over, messing with other animals like deer, squirrels and turkeys. If you were to ask people who care about nature, wildlife and conservation whether or not wild hogs are a good thing in the U.S., you’d most likely get the answer, “No, they’re not.”

Wild pigs tend to ruin other animals’ habitats. Furthermore, they can carry and spread diseases.

So should you hunt them? Yes. And if they don’t have any diseases, you should eat their meat– boar will provide you and your loved ones with plenty of bacon.