Tips for Finding the Right Bow for Hunting

Are you a hunter who is thinking about using a bow for your next hunt? What are some tips for finding the right bow?

Lay Out a Budget

If you’re thinking of buying a bow, set a budget before you go to a shop to look at bows. Sure, a sales clerk might want to steer you toward the most expensive bow in the shop, but you need to stick within your budget. Plus, keep in mind that even after you buy a bow, you’ll need to purchase accessories, so do your best to factor in additional costs.

Feel is Vital

When bow hunting, shoot some that you like to see how they feel. If and when you find a bow you particularly like, shoot it several times. Ask the sales clerk to set it at the proper draw length and weight for you. What should you consider when trying out bows? Is the grip comfortable for you? Does it allow for a smooth draw cycle, with a comfortable valley and minimal hand shock? It should all feel “right.”

Right Fit

If you plan on hunting game, keep in mind that more hunters use compound bows compared to recurve bows. Why? Well, they’re easier to draw and aim, and they’re more powerful, too.

Dominant Eye

You should also choose a bow that matches your dominant eye. When you’re testing out a bow, open both eyes, and then close your right eye. Your finger should be pointing to the right of the object, and that means you’re right-eye dominant. Otherwise you’re left-eye dominant. When your brain has to figure out how to hit a target, eye dominance comes into play so be sure and choose a bow that matches your dominant eye.

Ask a Mentor

It’s a good idea to ask more experienced bow hunters/users for their advice. They often love to share tips and secrets. Sales clerks generally will tell you the truth about bows, but you can also ask buddies who already have bows and find out what they like or don’t like about theirs. Meanwhile, you can do some research online, too, to find out what people think about various bows for sale on the market today. 

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