Tips for Hunting Boar in the Summer

Are you thinking of hunting boar in the summer at Tioga Ranch? What are some tips for hunting boar in the summer?

Water Source

Keep in mind that boar like to hole up in thick cover on hot days. That said, they’re going to be thirsty, so your best bet is to look for them around water sources. You can look for tracks, droppings, rooting, rubs, wallows, and even hair strands (in barbed-wire fences) to help find them. Guides can definitely help you locate where boar go on their property in the summertime, and that’s usually going to mean finding them where they’d drink water.


Why not plan an ambush? Boar tend to stick with well-defined trails to and from water and bedding areas. Intercept them when they’re on route to or from their home or their water source. Wherever you plan to ambush them, do so with the wind in your favor. Conceal yourself and stay quiet. You just might get a clean shot opportunity.

Timing is Key

Just like with most hunts, you’re probably going to have your best luck early in the morning or later toward evening. Just like people, boar like to rest during the midday sun when it’s really hot outside. When the temperature is cooler and it’s not as sunny, it’s more comfortable for them to move around and go where they want to go.

Did you know boar don’t sweat? So, to keep cool on hot summer days, they’ll likely visit wallows and water sources where they’ll naturally cool off. So, in the summer, look for boar cooling down in or near water.

Finally, if you have a hard time finding boar during the day, they might be “on to you” and think you wouldn’t bother them when the sun goes down. So, it might make sense to hunt them at night during the summertime and see what you find.