What Some People Don’t Understand About Boar Hunting

How much do you really know about boar in the USA? There are some falsehoods out there that you might have heard. Don’t believe everything you hear.

Overrun Populations

For starters, there have been rumors circulating that some areas are “overrun” with wild boar. Some 40 states and even several Canadian provinces have reports that the wild boar population is out of control, invading suburban yards and such. Well, the truth is that most of the wild boar are concentrated in the state of Texas. What is Texas doing about the probable 3 million wild boar causing damages to properties? Hunters are shooting or trapping them, and people are eating their meat. So, in a way, wild boar have become a “cash crop” in parts of Texas!

Boar Eyesight

Many hunters assume wild boar are pretty much blind. False. Keep in mind their heads are low to the ground. So they can’t really see more than 30 inches above the ground. They don’t have good peripheral vision– that’s true… But as for sight, they can see– and they are especially good at seeing movement. Researchers have noted that boar can see movement from 200 yards!

Bringing Out the Big Guns  

While boar are big and strong, there’s the falsehood that you need a heavy caliber gun to kill them. Not really– any serviceable deer rifle will work for killing boar. You do not need a Magnum caliber. Speaking of shooting boar, the falsehood that broadside shoulder shots are best is not true. The best shot is actually a quartering shot from the hoofs to a straight line up vertically to the base of the ear.

Blood Trails

Finally, if you shoot a deer you’ll find a blood trail– and it’s seen right away. With boar, though, don’t expect to see a blood trail right away– that blood has to go through fat and hair, so blood may not be seen until 30 to 50 yards from where it was shot.

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