Why Wild Boar is Better to Eat Than Commercially Raised Pigs

If you love eating pork, it’s simple enough to run down to the grocery store and buy it. There are commercially raised pigs being raised all across the country that supply the many supermarkets throughout the U.S. with pork. However, one thing that you might not realize is that it’s much better to eat meat from wild boar as opposed to commercially raised pigs. Find out why below.

The meat from wild boar tastes better.

When you take your first bite of the meat from wild boar, you’ll notice a huge difference between it and the meat that you would get from commercially raised pigs. Wild boar have more variety in what they eat, which is one of the things that makes their meat more flavorful. They’re also allowed to move around a lot more throughout the course of their lives, which also helps to improve the flavor of their meat.

It comes from pigs that aren’t given hormone supplements and antibiotics.

A lot of commercially raised pigs are, unfortunately, given hormone supplements and antibiotics while they’re being raised. Think about that the next time you’re chowing down on a piece of bacon or another piece of meat from a commercially raised pig. Wild boar are obviously not given any hormone supplements or antibiotics out in nature. This would suggest that their meat will be healthier for you.

It allows you to do something good for the environment while filling your belly.

Wild boar are starting to do a number on the land in different states throughout the country. They are known to eat non-stop, and this can cause all kinds of environmental issues. By eating wild boar, you’ll be doing your small part to stop boar from ruining various parts of the planet. You’ll also be doing your small part to help control the wild boar population that has grown to be entirely too large in many areas.

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