Wild Pigs Are Causing Destruction Out in Some Parts

A “boar” is defined as a tusked Eurasian wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended or an uncastrated domestic male pig. At Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania, we offer guided boar hunts 7 days a week, year-round. You can even hunt for trophy Russian boar which weigh between 151 and 250 pounds. We even have some “super trophy” Russian boar weighing up to 500 pounds at Tioga Ranch. Our hunting area is pretty rural, and boar are plentiful, without causing trouble for people in nearby communities. That said, in California, they’re having a problem with wild boar…

Pigs Have a Long History In the Area

Pigs were originally brought to California some 250 years ago by Spanish missionaries. Since then, they’ve proliferated and evolved. These days they’re causing trouble in Wine Country vineyards as well as suburban yards. With tusks and snouts, these wild pigs are rooting for food among vineyards and backyard gardens. They uproot plants and tear up lawns; They’re a nuisance to a lot of people.

So, lawmakers in California have come up with some ideas. A bill was recently introduced to help hunters kill more wild pigs– rather than a $15 per kill tag, they want to let hunters kill as many as possible (an unlimited number) for a flat season-long fee of $15. This bill, if passed, would help bring the pig population under control.

Wild pigs are considered a destructive invasive species. They can carry diseases, some of which can be transferred to humans. They can also contaminate drinking water. There are some 6 to 9 million of them running wild in 42 U.S. states. Most live in California. Obviously, something needs to be done so they don’t overrun communities, right? That’s where hunters come in to play.

Wild pigs– boars– can look mean and act nasty. Hunters can shoot them and then harvest them for their meat. In rural PA, at Tioga Ranch, that’s what they do. For more info about hunting boar at Tioga Ranch, call 570-835-5341.