American Hunters Honored in Germany

Hunting in the United States and Germany may have more in common than you might think. In fact, hunting is an honored tradition in Germany and recently fifteen Americans were awarded German hunting certificates. These certificates were given out at a special ceremony that was the culmination of a three-month long hunting course.

Throughout these months, the American students had to complete both oral and shooting tests, pass written exams, and complete other challenges. After completing this course and receiving their certificates, these Americans have proven that they deserve to be among the Jungjäger, an elite class of hunting apprentices that have been a part of German culture for centuries.

During the ceremony, each apprentice is ordained with three strokes of a hunting knife. Each stroke represents something different. The first recognizes them as a true hunter, the second means they have the strength to hunt, and the third means they must follow the Hunter’s Code of Honor. The ceremony is complete when the hunter places their hat on a branch and says thank you to the master hunter. Interestingly, each new hunter is given a new knife, but it is not a free gift. They pay a euro for the knife because in Germany, a free knife is considered a sign of bad luck.

Just like in Germany, hunting has strong roots in American culture. While we may not have elaborate ceremonies to welcome new hunters, we have just as much passion for the sport. In Pennsylvania specifically, hunting is in our blood and that will never change. Keep checking back for more hunting news from around Pennsylvania and the world, and we invite you to seek out hunting traditions in other cultures and our own!