Do You Need Camouflage While Hunting?

Do you need camouflage to hunt? No, you don’t, but it helps! That’s the quick and easy answer.

The Benefits of Wearing Camo

Could you shoot and kill an animal while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans? Sure. That said, camouflage can come in handy when hunting certain animals. Think about how animals see and perceive the world around them. It’s a little different than how humans see and perceive each other.

Did you know deer and other game animals have “dichromatic vision?” They have two types of color cells compared to our three. They can “see” in certain colors, but they can’t see other colors we can see, such as purple, red, pink, and orange. And yes, that’s why orange has become the safety color for hunters in the field!

Human Vision Versus Animal Vision

Now how about visual acuity? If you have 20/20 vision, did you know deer have 20/200 and pigs have 20/300 or worse? So humans see things crisp and clear while animals might see things a little bit more blurry. However, animals can sense motion better than we can! Does it seem like deer always notice you when you move? They have a wide visual field. That said, deer and other animals often rely more on hearing and smell to notice things around them.

Do you need camouflage to hunt? It can help. Animals can see blue really well. But if you dress in “drab” colors like grays and browns, you’re not as noticeable to them. Wearing camouflage is a good idea if you’re bowhunting, to help conceal yourself in the wild. If you’ve got a rifle, you don’t necessarily need to camouflage yourself, but you might as well. Do you want to hunt various animals on hundreds of acres at Tioga Ranch in rural PA? Tioga offers guided deer and big game hunts. Please call 570-835-5341 for more information