How to Avoid Scaring off Deer

Hunter with Fallow Deer

You don’t want deer seeing, smelling or hearing you. You do not want to scare them off. You’re a hunter and you want to kill as many deer as possible. Can you avoid scaring off deer? Yes, it’s possible. When hunting them, think and act like a predator. Let your hunting instincts kick in. Don’t spook them– do shoot them. 

Timing is Key

For starters, consider your timing. You want to know when and where deer move each day. You can look for patterns and then catch them on the move when they least suspect you’re nearby. Be a good hider. You want to hide behind things so deer don’t know you’re there. You can utilize ridges, points, ditches, creeks and conifers to hide your presence. If you don’t have naturally-formed hiding spots, then look for things like berms to use. Dress in camo appropriate for the region and season. 

Use Shadows to Your Advantage

Here’s a great tip– use the shadows of a woodline of hillside so you’re not as easily seen by deer. Do what you can to control scent and sound. Buy a bottle of deer scent and use it to mask your scent; Also, don’t wear scented deodorant or cologne. You might need to power down your ATV and then quietly walk to your hunting spot to avoid alerting deer that you’re nearby. You might need to avoid talking with hunting partners at certain times– using hand signals to communicate instead. Be careful where you walk– avoid making too much noise. The more subtle and silent you can be, the better. Remember, deer have excellent hearing abilities.

Want to hunt deer at Tioga Ranch? With hundreds of acres, Tioga Ranch is home to fallows, whitetails, sikas and more. Take a guided hunt and see who you sneak up on! Call 570-835-5341 for reservations or more information. Tioga Ranch is located in Tioga, PA.