Best Way to Get Rid of Wild Boars

There’s an old life motto that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade. And it is exactly this kind of motto that people in Florida are taking with stride when it comes to the millions of wild boars that surround them. Keith Mann decided to create an established relationship with some trappers to utilize a method of trapping and selling off wild boars for being eaten by people of Florida.


And that’s still one of the best and most humane ways we have of dealing with all the wild boars in the US. Eating the boars are not bad as long as the people preparing the boar meat know to cook it well and we already have an ample supply of people that are willing to trap and trade the boars for meat. So why not turn a plague on the world into something more useful to help feed people?


And despite all the work toward trapping and eating these boars already, to the point that they are one of the most hunted creatures in Florida alone, they are still procreating faster than we can handle. Even though we kill them and eat them, more come up at a rate of nearly double from last year. It seems like we can’t catch and eat them fast enough. Or maybe we just need more people to join in on the hunts.


With as many people as there are who can learn how to hunt and are capable, this could be a thing that is done every season. Because boars don’t currently have a hunting season, something could be set up that helps people learn how to hunt wild boars down to kill and take home on public lands. And all it takes is some collaboration between the state and people with the supplies for hunting.


Well it’s a bit harder than that, but killing and eating these boars is definitely one of the best ways to do it. But if we don’t keep up with their breeding, then states like Florida might go the same way as New York and ban people from hunting them so other means like poisoning the pigs can be used. And that’s no good for anyone.