Tips From Deer Experts to Make You a Better Hunter

Close up of a red stag deer in the woods

Do you hunt deer? Do you want to become a better deer hunter? If you could spend some time with a deer expert, what might he or she tell you about these animals that could help you find and shoot them? Well, you’re in luck. You’re about to read some expert advice about becoming a better deer hunter…

Critical Deer Information for Hunters

For starters, consider rubs. Did you know that deer love to revisit rubs made by their predecessors? Studies have been done about this– so if you know where “old rub” locations are, go there to find bucks.

What about scrapes? Studies have shown that older bucks tend to check scrapes between 2 and 3 in the middle of the night. Okay, that’s interesting. If you hunt in the middle of the night, that could come in handy.

How do rutting bucks travel? In early fall, they tend to take short distance trips between where they sleep and where they eat, sticking to small core areas. Then, in late October, when they’re seeking to mate, they’ll go outside of their small core area(s), usually traveling in linear lines looking for females. If you’re hunting in late October or early November, look for deer along linear terrains like creeks, fences, etc.

Where might deer sleep? They like thick cover, so saplings and shrubs are where you might find them.

Hunting near swamp land? Studies have shown older bucks hardly leave the swamps until it’s dark outside, while younger deer avoided swampy areas.

Do you ever use a spray to mask your scent? If so, good! Studies have shown these sprays do indeed work. Keep using them.

Do deer learn the habits of hunters in their area? Yes, and then they do what they can to avoid the areas where humans have been seen, smelled and heard. You might have to go where most humans/hunters wouldn’t easily go because that’s where the deer are!

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