We’re not going anywhere!

On Monday June 24, Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law a bill that will put wild hog hunting in Pennsylvania under the umbrella of the Department of Agriculture and out of the hands of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who wanted to ban the importation of wild boars.


Pennsylvania Boar HuntingThis means we’re able to continue to provide quality boar to our awesome cliental. We want to thank Tom Corbett and our district senator Joseph B. Scarnati, who drafted the bill.


“It’s a good thing for our industry,” Mike Gee, owner of Tioga Ranch in Tioga County, told Philly.com.


Hogs have been feared to cause major damage to crops and other animals. When hogs have been found in the wild, they’ve been said to have gotten through fenced in game preserves. But in reality, the spread of feral swine has been moving from Texas and Florida northward over the past few years.


The Game Commission wanted to make illegal anyone who possesses a feral swine by this time next year. It would’ve basically made outfitters who carry them illegal.


Senate Bill 644 reads that the “Game Commission shall have no authority to promulgate regulations on swine hunting preserves…”


Feral hogs that do enter into Pennsylvania will still be allowed to be harvest by licensed hunters, and male hogs will be castrated to deter further breeding if they so do escape, which rarely happens amongst the 20+ boar hunting outfitters in the state.


To celebrate the bill, we’re offering just $550 for any regular or trophy boar hunt.