What You May Not Know About Horned Animals Like Black Hawaiian Rams

When most people think of sheep, they don’t picture an animal with horns. That said, some sheep have horns and some do not. Some of the famous sheep with horns include Bighorns, Thinhorns, and Black Hawaiian Rams. Basically, whether or not a sheep has horns depends on its species, gender, age and environment.  Non-Polled Animals… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Black Hawaiian Ram Hunt

Up for a challenge? Then you should consider hunting Black Hawaiian Rams at Tioga Ranch. If you can handle a physically and mentally demanding hunting experience, then this is the hunt for you. It can feel very rewarding to shoot and kill a Black Hawaiian Ram, especially because it’s a unique animal that you don’t… Read more »

Things to Know About Black Hawaiian Rams

Are you looking to hunt the rare Black Hawaiian Ram? You can find them at Tioga Ranch in Tioga, PA. With their wide horns, they’re an exceptional prize. Tioga offers guided hunts to help you find trophy Black Hawaiian Rams. Tioga also offers quality lodging and meals, and, if you want, we’ll skin and butcher… Read more »