Things to Know About Black Hawaiian Rams

Hunter Posing With Black Hawaiian Ram Trophy

Are you looking to hunt the rare Black Hawaiian Ram? You can find them at Tioga Ranch in Tioga, PA. With their wide horns, they’re an exceptional prize. Tioga offers guided hunts to help you find trophy Black Hawaiian Rams. Tioga also offers quality lodging and meals, and, if you want, we’ll skin and butcher your meat. Bring a big cooler with you for steaks, chops, spare ribs, etc.

Adult Black Hawaiian Rams

How much do you know about Black Hawaiian Rams? Adults usually have curled or flared horns and males can weigh up to 140 pounds. You can hunt them using your weapon of choice, including pistols, rifles or bows. At Tioga, we have t ¾ curl Rams as well as full curl Rams. 

Black Hawaiian Rams may be a cross between Mouflon and black hair sheep from Hawaii. Or, they might be a dilution of the red color gene from Barbados. Either way, they’re unique. Usually black all over, their horns grow up, back, down, forward, and up again, tipping out. Horns can grow more than 40 inches long! Males have horns, which start out black but may turn brown or tan as they age. Females typically don’t have horns. 

They Love to Browse!

If you’re hunting Black Hawaiian Rams, keep in mind they’re browsers, feeding on weeds, brush, and grass shoots. If you see fights, you’re probably witnessing two males head butting each other to determine a winner; They’re showing dominance during mating season. Breeding usually happens during August or September with newborns making their appearance in February or March. 

A Sturdy and Striking Outer Coat

Black Hawaiian Rams shed their wooly undercoat in the winter months. They are fairly resistant to parasites, worms and other illnesses.

If you’re looking for a challenging hunt, agile Black Hawaiian Rams at Tioga Ranch are a good choice. For more information about guided ram hunts, call Tioga Ranch at 570-835-5341.