How to Prepare for a Black Hawaiian Ram Hunt

Up for a challenge? Then you should consider hunting Black Hawaiian Rams at Tioga Ranch. If you can handle a physically and mentally demanding hunting experience, then this is the hunt for you. It can feel very rewarding to shoot and kill a Black Hawaiian Ram, especially because it’s a unique animal that you don’t see everyday… and it has the type of horns you can display on your trophy wall for all to marvel at, for years to come!


That said, Black Hawaiian Rams are not scared of rugged terrain, so you shouldn’t be either. When preparing to hunt them, get in the best shape you can. You might need to work out more than normal, and do a lot of exercises to train your body to endure long hikes through difficult terrain.

Proper Footwear

What’s of the utmost importance? You’re going to want the best boots possible for the hunt. Your feet will thank you. Look for high-end, hard-shell mountaineering boots. Wear them to break them in long before you are actually on the hunting grounds. As for clothing, you’ll want to have a base layer, mid layers, outer layers and rain gear. 

Mental Toughness

Are you mentally tough? There will be emotional highs and lows on a Black Hawaiian Ram hunt. You will have to exert yourself physically, and you might even experience extreme fatigue. But you’ve got to keep on going! Mental (and physical) toughness is important when hunting any animal, including Black Hawaiian Rams. 

Try a Guided Black Hawaiian Ram Hunt

The nice thing about Tioga Ranch is that you can go on a guided hunt to get your Black Hawaiian Ram. Your guide is a treasure trove of information. You can ask your guide ahead of time all about the hunt, so you’ll know what to specifically bring with you versus what they already have at the Ranch for you to use. Furthermore, guided hunts are great because the guide knows the area well and is, essentially, the expert in charge, so listen to them and you should have shooting success. 

Want to find out more information about Black Hawaiian Ram guided hunts at Tioga Ranch? Check out this page. You can also call 570-835-5341 for more information.